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Welcome, friends, to Gurt's Retro Review. This page will do nothing but my best to review games of the yesteryear on all formats, especially the less known ones. For now I shall be taking on this task all by myself, however in the future I may require assistance. Keep posted. Most of you may not know me, but I assure you I am big in emulation myself. I haven't released an emualtor. I haven't released a ROM. I am famous for my knowledge, nothing more. Now, I share this knowledge to all in HTML format :P - Her page was closed because it got 28 hits in 3 days only...I scarcely believe this though - now there's 439 hits! Yes, I did email to her, so she'll know soon enough if she ever checks it again. I assure all of you I have no intention of removing these pages...on the contary, I'll be doing everything in my power to make 'em popular. This page is dedicated to all the people who quit emulation because of the attitudes of people - Leechers, ROM linkers and Emulator Chargers (people who charge money for names needed) all contribute to this. If I could, I would change the face of emulation. Maybe I can. Help me do so by supporting this page, and be considerate to others as well as yourself! Don't leech - download games in moderation and leave some bandwidth for others! Don't link to ROMs - you're not making it easier to find games, you're making it harder by destroying sites! Don't charge for emulators - authors who do this complain about downloading of roms cos' it is piracy - what the f'k do you call plagurizing a company's machine and selling it more than the machine itself? Have you no brain? This site also happens to be my 'base of operations' in my newly-founded crusade against the bad things of emulation. Enjoy! 

NB: I am not linking ROMs, but I will link to a site that has the ROM. How's that? Anyone got a problem with anything should email me so I can fix it. 

Clearing out the trash

First, I'm going to finish off my 'clean up the emulation scene' talk. If you agree with me, e-mail me and tell me so! I'll post your e-mail on a seperate page. If you have questions or good points, I shall add comments below your e-mail. All e-mails of this nature will be replied to! (I'm a fast replier) - remember, your hesitation isn't just your problem. If you don't e-mail me and you do agree, the emulation scene shall continue to spiral down until it just isn't worth bothering....vengance shall be mine! Do you want to see what causes me to react like this? Look at this page and remember that if people weren't so selfish, this fine page would have never ended up like this. 

Bubble Bobble    (29/08/1997)
Blue Print (30/08/1997)
Operation Wolf (30/08/1997)
Phantasy Star II (30/08/1997)

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