Operation Wolf

Formats: Arcade, C64, Amstrad, Spectrum?, Amiga, Nintendo, PC Engine, Sega Master System?
Manufacturer: Tatio, Ocean (computer conversions)
Year: 1989?, 1990

Yay! Operation Wolf, the arcade classic, is available on many systems. First, let's get rid of the duds. Nintendo version namely...this game should play like a dream with a light gun, but it doesn't. The arcade game featured an Uzi type thing, and the light gun has no rapid fire! Nononono. Of course skilled players can use the rapid fire palm trick, but that is kind of useless on a game where the sprites move this fast. The arcade version is the best of course because it has the perfect hardware for the game :) - The c64 version has astounding music! I love it! The sprites are big and beautiful for such a dated machine, the characters are instantly recognisable, except the missions are in a set order - all 6 of them. The amstrad version is more of the same, except level one features the bullet proof vest dudes that sadly didn't make it to the c64. I believe the c64 version also has mouse and koala pad support too - useless for the emulator. The spectrum version is the same as any other spectrum game - that is graphics with 2 colors per block of 16x16 colors. The amiga looks brilliant...oh yes, this one is good. I swear on my balls! :P (I always wanted to say that. Red Heat quote) - I distantly recall a Sega Master System version, and yes, there is one. To quote Sega Power (a UK mag) "Classic coin-op carnage. Blast all the guerillas as the scene scrolls past - and don't forget to rescue the hostages as well. Play with the joystick or Light Phaser - but play it till you drop with exhaustion!" - That means good :) it got 5 stars back then. I won't rate it because it may be dated. We finish up on the PC Engine/Turbo Graphix 16 version. WOW! This one ROCKS! Actually this is what prompted me to write this review. The perfect game in every detail...action. Music. Shooting. Arcade feel. Play it NOW!
Hours of fun! Not emulated.
A damn fine game, that's for sure.
Amstrad CPC
Suffers the Blocky Amstrad graphics syndrome. Bad sounds too of course.
Graphical nightmare. Sound is bad.
Well it IS a multiloader......
PC Engine
I'm fanatical about it!
Sega Master system
***** (Sega Power rating)
May be dated, don't take my word.

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