Blue Print

Formats: Arcade, C64
Manufacturer: ?
Year: ????

Oh boy! I luv this game! You are this guy called J.J. and there's some stooge trying to kidnap your girlfriend. He looks like an Addams Family reject to me....and J.J. looks like a bit of a 30's guy too, cos' he wears a straw hat. Oh well, the gameplay is what make it to the next level, J.J. must go to each of the houses and collect pieces of the machine, which must be taken to the blueprint and affixed in the correct location. If the start button is pressed before it is assembled, the machine falls to bits, losing valuable time (but the bits don't go back to houses thank god) - to make it harder, if you go to a house twice there is a bomb the second time with a really short fuse, and if you go to a house with no part (there are 2) you get a slightly longer fused bomb. Putting these in the bomb pit makes them safe. Monsters escape from this pit and try to press the start button. Don't let them - run over them and drag 'em to the pit and throw them back. If a monster is about to exit the pit when you throw in a bomb, it knocks him back down. Once the machine is assembled, manouver J.J.'s machine to hit the kidnapper with the little balls. The kidnapper also knocks off purple thingies that jump at you. They look like flower pots kinda. On the 2nd level and above, monsters move through the maze - they look kinda like Fryguy from Mario 2 :) This is the recipe for a VERY playable game. The graphics are not spectacular, and the music isn't either - The music DOES however pass the long-term appeal test. I still know it, in other words :) - This is the kind of game you come back to again and again. MAME supports this game, but currently the palette is all wrong! It really irks me, that. The c64 version works, but you have to wait until it goes onto the screen introducing you to the characters or it will reset the emulator. The c64 version is also available on ROM cartridge by Commodore (I have my copy :P)

Instantly classic gameplay. You'll love it, I swear!
Commodore 64
Indistinguishable from the original. Perfect conversion!

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