Bubble Bobble 

Formats: Arcade, Commodore 64, Spectrum 48k/128k, Amstrad CPC,  NES, Gameboy, Sega Master System, Amiga,
               Atari ST, PC (286/Tandy ver), PC (CD-ROM)
Manufacturer(s): Tatio, Ocean?, Firebird (British Telecomsoft)
Year(s): 1986, 1987, 1988, etc...

We all know what this is don't we? I just thought this was a good first review. To tell you the truth, I'm not a big fan of modern games. I believe the best period for games was 1984-1988. Bubble Bobble emerged right in the middle - perfect!

The arcade version has a good feel to it, however screens do feel a bit too big at times. The huge variety and arcade feel to it (!) make this a heap of fun. Cheats make it more fun too...fiddling with the dip switches doesn't help on MAME. The Borises (that's my name for the white guys, I dunno why - c64 manual?) don't roll rocks at you, which is wrong, wrong, WRONG! The gameplay is the same though. Shame about the lack of continue mode.
The best conversion. the screens aren't too cramped or too big! The music is perfect, and it looks adequate. Almost all powerups are here, you get 9 credits and there's no cheats. One big problem though: The screens are smaller, and level 72 is nearly IMPOSSIBLE! On the other versions, you are stuck in a room 4 squares wide - you can get out. On this, it's 2 squares wide! Oh well. I like this the most.
This version is UGLY! I couldn't stand it long enough to play the game!

Review pending. Hint: Don't play on an emulator! The screen shrinks. Hope the tape isn't like this, I'll have to hunt this one down in auctions...
A good conversion. Looks fine...plays fine...but there's nothing exciting really. Oh well, it's got passwords.

Same as NES, except screens are too big and the game is altered a bit too much. :(
Sega Master System
Shocking...this looks good in magazines, but when you play it you notice stuff: A. The screens feel empty. B. There's no 3d bars on platforms. C. the music sounds bad.
Amiga, ST
Good graphics....ah f'k it, it's almost perfect. I suppose it's not quite perfect - but it's the 2nd best conversion. I like the c64 version better though. It achieves more for a low-end computer.
PC (1)
This is good stuff! Adlib music, 2 players, almost perfect graphics, plays fine, and is addictive - I suppose this is on par with the c64 version! This has better graphics, c64 has better music! You decide. Hunt this one down. Great for 286's! :P
PC (2) - not reviewed

Arcade perfect : ) - I like it. A lot.
Commodore 64
Beaten only by the arcade.
Don't touch it, it has worms!
Amstrad CPC
What I saw was allright...
Passwords make this good.
I got lost!
Sega Master System
It felt kinda lonely...not intersting enough.
Commodore Amiga
As I said - ALMOST perfect.
Atari ST
Another undistinguishable game.
PC (286, Tandy ver)
I wouldn't even call it dated.

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