Phantasy Star II

Formats: Genesis/Megadrive 
Manufacturer(s): Sega 
Year(s): 1989 

This might be my favourite game currently. The plot fits well with the other games in the Phantasy Star series - Set 1000 years after PS1 and 1000 years before PS4 when evil in Algol is at its height, you are the protector of Algol...but you do not know that until late in the game. Although not as interactive as Phantasy Star IV, the enemies in this game are much better drawn - they're almost scary! (I'm very hard to scare :P). This game also seems to last longer as well - raising levels is not as quick. If you do not like Role Playing Games in general, this is not for you, however, this game is far from bad. I first played it in 1993 - I got right up to Dark Force (well, just before) and saved it because I wanted to play it the next day, so I would have longer to play. I did that, but when I came back the next day the SAVE GAME WAS GONE!!! I was extremely angry...I've hardly touched the cart since. The emulator, however - that's another story. I always play it. It runs perfectly right up to just before the end, where the music cuts out mysteriously. This minor problem is easily overlooked however. The gameplay is very good - it is too hard to explain, but basically, it's basic. : ) The characters do move around slow in comparison to PS4, however, so they may feel like they are dawdling to PS4 fans. Dammit, you KNOW how damned fanatical I am about this game! Quite simply, this is an extremely playable role playing game that has no limits to the amount of fun you can have. Like PS4, this is one I come back to time and time again. Just get it, god damn you!

Phantasy Star II
Excellent RPG. Don't ask questions, get!