The Biosystems Lab - Valley of the C64

OK, now let me say something before we get down to business: This is MY favourite machine. There. Now let me say something else and cut the crap: I'm no small-time Joe Bloggs with an emu site. Where I came from, I was king of the castle. Now, I'm competing with the world. OK, so it's not a competition, but I just thought I'd let you know that I'm not some two-bit lamer who thinks cos' he has his own site that makes him 31337 and all those k00l d00dz will come and relish in his advice. Nup. If I was a lamer, I'd be asking the questions, right? So please bookmark this site, or at the very least, visit it often enough to find out what's new. In Brisbane I was king of the Emulation crop, now all these lamers are uploading one game at a time now I introduced them to it. I ditched them, the bbs scene was too lame - everyone had their own bbs! This is more like it! I'm not dealing with 14-year olds who think this is a form of warez! (well, not many) Now on with the games! 

For more C64 related stuff, check out the brother page of this, also mine!  

I won't be supplying regoed versions of the emus, but if you want them, they're not hard to find. I believe I saw them on WabitTwax's site

Emulators (meet the gang)

Emulator Name
Very good. Menu easy to use. Some games not supported and sound isn't 100% accurate (speech). Colors are perfect. 1541 full emulation, slow. MASSIVE rego fee - a c64 costs about $2 here, this costs about $75 I think! I'll let you use your common sense...oh yeah. Disk Drives $2, Casette Players 50c, games about 20c. Well? 
Useless. Slow, buggy, screen partly covered, 
Has its dedicated fans, but I don't know why. Uses unconventional format, hard to use, but I hear it does its job well (I never got it working). 
Not tested
Almost perfect. Runs all games, 100% accurate sound (speech works), menu adequate although lack of CPU speed option, rego is only about $35 (still too much, I'd pay $10). Palette is wrong (tan is orange like WIN64). 1541 full emulation is mendium speed. Oh well. C64S, CCS64 and PC64 are on WabitTwax. 

Cheats 'n' POKEs

Cheats and POKE's will not appear on this page. That doesn't mean I don't have any: Try the 2nd site, The Relic Games Database. 

Games (Re-Re-Reviews)

The following 2 are by me:
100 Re-Re-Reviews (mirror)
100 Re-Re-Reviews (master site)
I will make a 2nd Re-Re-Reviews page when people start asking about games :)