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These are all just links to http://debra.rau.ac.za/C64/ under software. If you want more games, go to them! This is just a guide with a few links to save precious internet time! Give them the credit! I just find and review the games, not convert them! 
Games and their rating 
Game  Rating  Awards  Comments 
Monty on the Run  9/10  ZZAP! Sizzler (#7?)  My fave platformer. 
Ghosts 'n' Goblins  8/10  ZZAP! Gold Medal 17  A classic but rather bland nowadays. 
IK+  9/10  ZZAP! Sizzler? (31)  The best beat-em-up on this format. 
Rebounder  6/10  none? #28?  Sequel that gets as repeditive as the first. 
Summer Games  10/10  Not Rated (#2,GM, zzap #5)  1 and 2 are probably the best sport sims ever! 
Pacmania  8/10  ZZAP! Sizzler? 40something  Love it. Non-repeditive pacman game. 
Creatures  8/10  ZZAP! Gold Medal  Overhyped, but still good. 
Cybernoid 2  8/10  ZZAP! Sizzler  Too difficult, but excellent fun! 
Gauntlet  7/10  ZZAP! Sizzler? 21  Monotonous Gameplay but wierd fun. 
Bubble Bobble  9/10  ZZAP! Gold Medal  Play it for hours, it's the best version. 
Shoot-em-up Construction Kit  10/10  ZZAP! Gold Medal (Not rated)  If you like making games, this is for you. 
Head over Heels  9/10  ZZAP! Gold Medal (28)  Why aren't there more Isometric Puzzlers? 
Nemesis  5/10  80something ZZAP!  Get the Nemesis Arcade Emulator instead, it's a beauty. 
Salamander  7/10  ? ZZAP! 47 or so  Still to c64ish. Too fast to be fun. 
The Last Ninja  9/10  ZZAP! Sizzler (28?)  Underated. Excellent Pix, music, Gameplay. 
Jet Set Willy 2  8/10  'YUCKY' original (4), 60% or so Budget  Great for mapping, but screens take too long to walk from one side to the other. NOW DOWNLOADABLE OFF THIS SITE! 
Manic Miner  9/10  Not Rated  As good, maybe better then the speccy. 
Great Giana Sisters  9/10  ZZAP! Gold Medal  Originally removed after being too similar to SMB. It's as playable, and similar! Get! 
Spy vs. Spy  9/10  NR  I used to spend hours playing mates at this. Great! 
Spy vs. Spy 2  8/10  Great but joystick waggling means it could be costly to joystick users. 
Spy vs. Spy 3  9/10  Doesn't everyone love using the igloos as a base? 
Turbo Ourtun  9/10  Gold Medal?  My favourite racer on the c64. 
Super Cycle  8/10  ? (17?)  Dated badly, but still funny and cool music. 
Impossible Mission  10/10  Past Blaster  If you don't know what this is, get a life. 
Goodbye Monty  7/10  not good (ie 47%?)  Underated, but dated. Not as good as MOTR. Still alright. 
Kikstart II  8/10  High  I played this for hours with mates. Now, if only Kikstart worked on the Plus/4 Emu...it's cool! 
...TRAZ  7/10  High  Just another ancient breakout game these days. Has a construction kit though. 
Phantoms of the Asteroid  6/10  A wierd game but well known in Brisbane (a popular demo game)...sort of fun. 
Rick Dangerous  7/10  The music is prissy but the game is o.k....so take a peek. 
Zorro  8/10  NR?  Cool arcade adventure. Worth a squiz. 
Wizball  8/10  Sizzler 96% ZZAP!27  Nice game. Not dated at all, but it's just not exciting to me. It never was. 
Thing on a Spring  9/10  Gold Medal ZZAP! 4  Looks dated, but it's still graphically funny in the same way and sounds great as ever. 
Thing Bounces Back  6/10  80somthing ZZAP!28?  Hello? Hello GAMEPLAY? Erk! Rather boring. 
Wanted! Monty Mole  8/10  NR  Nice Mazey game but too hard. First monty game. 
Bounder  7/10  Gold Medal  Dated Extremely. Nice for a while. 
Starquake  8/10  Rather High  Never graphically spectacular, but the gameplay's intact. 
Pyjamarama  8/10  Gameplay much the same as ever. 
Everyone's A Wally!  8/10  See above. 
Herbert's Dummy Run  8/10  50ish- see issue 4  See above. 
Dan Dare  8/10  ? 14?  Same as always- fun arcade adventure. 
Castle of Terror  9/10  Best Adventure 1985 (CU)  Excellent Text Adventure. 
Marble Madness  8/10  Bad  Underated, but still the same game essentially. 
Saboteur!  6/10  ok  Playable a few times. 
Mr. Mephisto  8/10  below 20% Issue 13  Quite underated! Looks bad but plays great! Not frustrating at all. 
Twinky goes Hiking  7/10  Average obsticle course type game. 6 levels. 
Happiest days of your life  7/10  Pyjamarama Style. Most notable for the fart sounds it makes. 
Athena  ?/10  One on arnold does not work. Liked the original a bit. 
Droid Dreams  -1/10  very, very low  Argh! Welcome to the clogged toilet. Here is a free game. Or something. Mine had corrupted graphics (I think! I hear they were shit anyhow!) 
Airwolf  3/10  high  Horribly dated, and I never liked it anyhow. 
Robocop  8/10  80something  It's good. I reckon it's worth a few goes, and worth getting. 
Jack the Nipper  8/10  70something (1986)  An enjoyable romp. Many hours of enjoyment to be had here. 
Cybernoid  8/10  Similar to Cybernoid 2  Probably more playable than the sequel, but not (quite) as pretty. 
Gauntlet: The Deeper Dungeons  8/10  Not Reviewed  No bugs I ever found. Better then Gauntlet but most cheats dont work! 
Deceptor  6/10  76% or so DISK ver. (Faster)  It's frustrating, but there aren't many similar games. Transformers like. 
Knight Games  7/10  Gold Medal? 17  Can you guess what pack I'm going through? It's a fighting game. Cool! 
Captain America  4/10  Below Avg.  The music's okay, but the game sucks. 
Wizards Lair  7/10  GM Issue 3? 2?  Fun but graphics a lot like Starquake (same guy made it) 
Jack the Nipper 2  7/10  ? 1987 (32???)  Not as good as orignal. More of a platformer. 
Bionic Commando  8/10  GM 30something  Not as good as NES but still a great game! 
Frankie goes to Hollywood  9/10  GM ZZAP! 4  The originality of the game makes it incredibly playable!! 
Henry's House  8/10  Simple as a platformer gets. In the Manic Miner style. Try it! 
Kung Fu Master  8/10  I like it just because you get a gun if you press SHIFT-G! Oh, and it's fun. 
Little Computer People Discovery Kit  10/10  GM ?? (Before 10)  The most original 'game' ever, followed by Alter Ego. 
Alter Ego  10/10  GM 13  The 2nd most. A simulation of life! Fun for hours (text) 
MYTH  9/10  Smooth Animation, excellent pics, cool music and speech. Plays good too! 
Ole!  8/10  ? ZZAP! 15 (budget)  Bullfighting game. Hours of fun, suprisingly! 
P.O.D. (Proof of Destruction)  9/10  High (budget) 20's  As simple as a shoot-em-up gets. Is this the same POD as the one coming for N64?!? Hope so. 
Pogo Joe  7/10  Not Reviewed  Q-Bert Clone. One of my first ever games, and it's still cool. Check it out! 
Zynaps  5/10  ??  Shoot-em-up. I found it very bland, and I still do. 
Nebulus  9/10  Known as Castelian on consoles. Puzzle game, very cooool. 
The Sentinel  5/10  GM (Not Rated)  Dated Extremely. This kind of 3d sucks now. For nostalgia buffs only. 
Freak Factory  3/10  About 28%  Nice idea. Shame about the gameplay. 
Vampire  4/10  Boring Platformer/Arcade Adventure. 
Agent X-II  ?/10  I never understood this game, so why should I get it off the arnold site? 
Floyd the Droid  ?/10 (5/10)  Ok  Looking for emulated version- the right figure is from memory. 
Strangeloop  7/10  High originally  Instantly hookable Arcade Adventure that tires after a while. 
Cave Fighter  5/10  If reviewed, not good  Simple but slightly effective platformer thingy. Worth a check. 
The Trap Door  9/10  High  Not dated at all. You'll like it. 
Bobby Bearing  4/10  Love that music! Shame all the game screens look alike. 
Ghost Chaser  7/10  Fun game. UNPUBLISHED CHEAT! Type FRANK for more lives. 
Ghettoblaster  7/10   Not reviewed?  Very fun! I found it recently, so that's good. It's not as good as I remember.
Yie Ar Kung Fu  3/10  Don't know  VERY annoying when you can't attack back. Too easy to complete. 
Gyruss  7/10  Not Reviewed  Get the arcade version emulator instead. 
Clowns  5/10  Not Reviewed  Boring but I think it's a conversion of a very early arcade game. 
Bounty Bob Strikes Back  8/10  High (Gold Medal?) Issue 1 or 2  Another basic platformer. The cheats add lots of fun to this game! 
Firelord  5/10  Avg.  Arcade Adventure. All too repeditive. Fun for a (short) while. 
Fairlight  6/10  High  Too slow to be too fun. Maybe enjoyable once or twice. Map it. 
BMX Simulator  7/10  Above Avg.  Dated. I wish there were 3D pc games like this. 
Bomb Jack  4/10  Poor  Get the arcade emulator version instead, it rocks! 
Fungus  8/10  High  Addictive action game. 
Metrocross  5/10  53% Issue 28  Not dated. Same old crap as always. Better then some other games here. 
Commando  8/10  ? Avg/Below Avg  Bad conversion, but still fiendishly addictive. 
Ghouls 'n' Ghosts  8/10  GM?S? Issue 50 or above  It's cool because it doesn't look, play or sound like a c64 game. 
Batman (not movie)  8/10  High  An engrossing arcade adventure. Cool music too. 
Mutants  7/10  Sizzler? 23  Probably too easy to complete. Otherwise top stuff. 
Mad Nurse  ?/10 (6/10)  Avg - Poor  Looking for Emulated copy other then spectrum. 
Beat It  ?/10 (8/10)  Avg - Good  Sequel to Ghettoblaster. Has it been emulated yet? 
Law of the West  8/10  Good  Way too easy. But it's still (kind of) unique. Have a peek! 
Skate or Die  9/10  Very High  Excellent Sports Sim. You'll like it. I did. Not just for sk8ies.