Phantasy Star 4 help

Do you need help on Phantasy Star IV? Well, maybe this page can help. Maybe not. If not, too bad.


There's a quick way to raise levels...sort of. After you get the land rover, go to Monsen or Termi and exit the vehicle. Walk around until you find a will need a strong defense for this, and if you try this before level 20 or so people WILL die in the attempt...make sure they're expendable and a town is nearby so you can heal. I suggest you do this: Chaz: Rayblade, then Crosscut, then Githu. Rika: Doubleslash or whatever it's called, and heal people when needed. Rune: Gigra or Nagra. Wren: Flare (barrier is useless). Raja: Blessing. Using this bunch of stuff, you'll more likely win :) If you can't find one on its own, look for infant worms and kill all but one of them, and it'll escape and get it's daddy....or something, I dunno. Use this opportunity to cast defensive spells!


The Guild is for lazy's not the best way to get money. I find Red Mole's on Dezolis are good sources of cash. Don't use the vehicle to find things. Sandworms are mostly useless, sometimes you get a few hundred metesas. Remember not all bad guys yield money!


There are other ways. One of them was said on the Emu News Service a while ago. This is mine - go to the PS4 IPS patches and download all the patches you need. You'll need an IPS patch applier program....the dump has one called SEGATOOL...other ways exist too, but they're too hard to explain (well no, but I'm fed up of doing so)


You know how on Genecyst several places lock up? (Rykros, the towers, the Aiedo area, Tonoe basement, Dezolis) - KGEN is the only emulator that won't lock up (I tested it. Abe Frog in Tonoe and Scorpius in Aiedo give the problems...they're pretty big!) - but KGEN has no save battery ability - you can't save! You'll just have to use genecyst's quicksave...use F5 and F7 (load and save) in conjunction with the numbers to pick a slot.


This is a matter of patience. If you're impatient, the best thing to do is get a weapon first. If you aren't, get the armour and use magic to defeat the enemies and get more money for weapons :)


These are some of the hardest bad guys (when you first see them) - don't try to fight these yet!

Gw-Ladmer (or whatever...the one on Dezolis when in a vehicle, not Gy-Laguiah)

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