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I made this page for my e-mag, Emutech (Thanks to DamneD off Underned #emu for the name and the logo! Logo not used on this page btw :P). Only reviewers and other contributors should know about this. First of all, reviewers should lay out their reviews similar to this:
ToeJam And Earl 2: Panic on Funkotron
ToeJam, a Four-Legged Hip-hop star, and 
Earl, a shades-wearing loveable lug who resembles a cross between a large slug
and a blow-up doll, have a problem. They brought back a plague to their home
planet upon returning from a Joyride out in space, and their planet seems doomed.
The Plague? Earthlings. The two set out with Jars in hand, to nab the pesky 
critters and ship  them back where they belong, bringing back Funkotron's funk.
The graphics are primo, sounds are clear and add to the game, and the objective of 
level is well defined, and challenging. You find the Earthlings, don't let them
kill you, and jar them and put them in the sack. Besides the main challege of
catching all the Earth-people, metagames are hidden all about, for any number
of bonuses. The "funk move", a mini teleport that takes you
through some walls, the panic button and the funk vacuum are also some neat tricks
our hip aliens have in their quest to w00p ass with. The last thing
that sets TJ&E2 apart from other platform games is the level of interactivity with 
the world. From the trees you shake for presents, to the colorful denizens of
the "groove planet", this is no simple action game. You can *talk* to the people
who you are doing your best to save. 
Kumquat: TJ&E2 is one of the most overlooked platform action games put out of the Sega 
Genesis. Even in it's emulation incarnation, it doesn't get much hype. Why not?
Well, for starters, Genecyst won't run it. It locks up. But with Steve Snake's
KGen v0.30, this game's time is here. The game's most instantly noticeable feature is 
its sense of humor. Comedy in a video game hadn't been done this well before or 
since, until the Earthworm Jim series. I especially like the trampoline game, where 
judges watch as you do acrobatic flips for points.  I also like all the great power-up
items, which make the game easier, and each is a treat to watch. 
Check it out. It's been waiting long enough.
Gurt: I'm shellshocked! How could Sega top such a hip game as Toe Jam and Earl? With
the sequel! I didn't think the idea of a scrolling platformer would work, but it
does! The little things like brats going "nyah nyah nye nyah nyah" at you, doing
new raps with Peabo, and watching Earl (try to) swim are all classics. Underrated
in Sega Power, the UK mag - it only got 90%. This is 2 player, like the original,
and features 16 levels, with heaps of variety and playability! It's the kind of
game you nearly shit your pants playing because it's so funny. Dammit, you better
get this! To quote 'Die hard', "Next time you have a chance to kill someone, don't
hesitate!" except it doesn't involve killing people, replace that with 'get this'.
Presentation: 98% What can I say, where else can you vacuum up bratty kids, yappy
dogs, and psychotic ice-cream-truck drivers and put them in jars?
Graphics: 96% Slick, cleanly defined cartoony graphics give the game a necessary feel, and
backgrounds and ALL the sprites look great. Not skimping on visuals here.
Sound: 95% Great sounds abound here, from a funky soundtrack to the individual digitized 
bits of our heroes and most of the enemies. "Boogieboogieboogie!!!"
Hookability: 97% Instantly appealing, so long as you like your games a little 
weird, with comedy and clever level design all around.
Lastability: 83% Here's where the game takes a bit of a beating. It's fun, and two
player mode is a blast, but it is, after all, only a platform game, not much replay.
Overall: 94% A game that should have been a classic from the get-go. Check it out now,
and yourself a favor.
PICTURE: SNAP10.PCX Caption: TJ&E Yuck it Up. Silly Earthlings.
PICTURE: SNAP13.PCX Caption: Big Earl Gets a Hotfoot.

One note on the rating system to clear it up:

Presentation: Is the manual easy to follow? (If not a ROM review :P) Are there any bugs? If it's on c64 or something, how quickly does it load?
Hookability: How addictive is it?
Lastability: How long will you be playing it for, days or years?
What I shall be doing is looking at what your comments and ratings are, then mixing them with the other reviewer's. (If there is 2). Note if there is a mixed opinion on a game and there is an exceptional reason for it (ie it's unique, NOT a reviewer hates that genre) I doubt it will get a rating at all, I'll just put it's one you love or hate. If it's good though, it'll get an award thingy :)
If you give a review 96%, please state if you think it deserves a blue ribbon (software worth getting) or a gold medal (software you shouldn't go without). I covered the rating system in issue 1. Regular reviewers should also include a crappy picture of themselves. Here's mine. It's in BMP format. Just edit out my portrait with windows paintbrush (that's what I used!) and put in your own. These will be used on reviews next to your opinion.
Gurt's Stupid little BMP
It doesn't look like me really. When it is done, dcc it to me on IRC or email to one of these:

The E-Mag
I haven't tested the latter. My tripod page's mailbox is down :( It's here, if you wanna know. I complained and they said it would be fixed soon. That was 6 days ago! Here's some links to rom and emulator sites that I like...
The Dump
The Rombox - currently on strike, but go there and click on the banner so it won't be much longer :)
Roms 'r' Us (Rza's site)
Snakes Pit - Kgen page
The 2nd torQa - offline to October I think, but here's the link for now :)
Emulator Lake - This is linked to the Genesis bit, but click on the things up the top for more
Ginger's Page - She does reviews on MAME stuff. This was an inspiration really :)
Commodore Plus/4 Emu - one of the forgotten ones I mention in issue 2
Arcade ROMs - The best site for arcade roms, maybe. Try Daves Videogame Classics too
Mooses Shareware and Emulation Domain - kinda slack now, but used to be the best arcade site. Had/has 4 mirros
Vertigo 2099 - I don't like packs myself, but this is very popular and worth a squiz at ;P
My Older Page - I abandoned this, but it MAY be useful. I'll purge it soon
'The Arnold Site' - The best c64 ftp site..
!!ZX SPECTRUM FOREVER!! - Owned by Arachnid. Actually it's a VERY good Spectrum page :)
HV Sid Collection Search - SIDs are c64 music rips. Search for c64 tunes using this. Get SIDplay to play 'em
Node99 - Practically dead. Shame.
NES WORLD - is this still here? I never go there :) - an excellent source for info.
Archaic Ruins - A very good site. This guy hangs out in EFnet so I never see him
Too many C64 links to mention - If you want c64 stuff, go here first and see you in a few days :)
Videogame Music Archive - anyone wanting to do a feature article on games music should see this and the HVSC search.
Game Shock - I think this is temporarily on hold...it took too long to load for me :)
Translation Page - This is AmonRa's. I only got this yesterday and I didn't look cos' I went to hotmail instead :P
Console Spreadpoint - Isn't this a part of Atmospherical Heights? If or if not, they're both good. :P
That's yer lot! I'm working on an !Emag trigger in my script but the one I added didn't work...I copied it to a different script and loaded it on DALnet and it worked fine. Oh well...
There's no set release dates, but most issues will be out in 2-4 weeks. The 2nd issue may be delayed. We have received many complements on the e-mag already, and I'm expecting another 3000 when I eventually get to my mailexcite mailbox. For now, I won' tell anyone the password, but some people may be able to guess it anyway :) (hint: I used to say it a lot) - I've also got about 5 people doing reviews now :)