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Phantasy Star II

Mota - Biomonsters
Fire-Eye        Rot wood        Carrier            Bee            Amoeba        Wolfang           Froggy         Hit Tail
Glowstik        Blockhed        Mushroom      Buzzer        Jelly               BurnWolf        Toader         Center
Forest            Firia               HeadRot         Incecta      SlugMess        FlareWlf         Squat            Scaly
Mosquito        Poisoner        Fire Ant        Locust        Spinner        Pulser        Leecher        TeraKite
Waspy            SpitKill         ArmorAnt      Locusta      Vortex         Blaster       Fang             Reptile 
Stinger            SpitFang       PinchAnt        FanBite      Whirly         Blastoid     Python           Kait Drg
Pug Hit          Catman
Pug Brat        Catfang
Pug Kill         Cateye
Mota - Robots, Dezo - Robots
Whistle      MetalMan      MazGamma     Monster        Polezi        Eyesore        Sonomech       Wireface        Van   align!
Informer   Twig man      FirGamma        Cooley61      Poleziax    HvySolid      Mechoman      WireHead      AeroTank 
Tracer        TwigTall         KilGamma        LrgMiner      Poleziss    Gun Bust       Attmech           Pod Head        no 3rd do
Army Eye
Dezo - Mutants / Creatures / Enemies
Rabbit        Shadow        Elephant        Dezo Owl        Wizard        Orangah        Wrestler        MystCape        GloSword
Rabitgut     Mr Death      Eletusk          Owltalon          Capeone     Orangoo        Sakoff           Illusnst              Desrona
Rabitta       DarkSide      Mastadon     Skytiara            Fiend          Ohx                 MesoMan       Imagiomg        Lung     :)
MxDragon        FireFall
FrDragon          KingLava
ArchDrgn         Volcano
Dark Force
Mother Brain

Phantasy Star IV

NB: I considered making these names in full (eg Deathbearer, Mistral Gecko, etc) but I didn't. Too hard to set out. And what does Carrion Cr mean anyway? I didn't even correct VopalSphre...you probably wanted this. I can't tell cos' of the e-mail problem. If you can provide some of these pictures, please do so! BUT: make sure you cut out the background. THAT is where I get stuck. I have taken a piccy of almost every bad guy. Things like Prophallus are almost impossible due to black in the background - outside characters are easy. Rykros chars are pretty easy too. I did the 'falgues so well cos' I mucked around with the game so they were outside! :P - I'll keep mucking until they ALL work. Cya around...
Locusta            DarkMaraud        Centuar            Abe Frog        Warren286    Xanafalgue   Crawler        Loader            Igglanova
GrassHound    Deathbearr         King Saber        Gerotlux        Siren386         Gicefalgue    Carrion Cr    Debugger      Guilegnova
Fanbite                                           Dark Rider                                Broren486                              Caterpillr      Eliminator

MonsterFly        Mini Worm        Sand Newt        Blob            Whistle        Sandworm        Haunt            Gy-Laguiah    Tech User
Forced Fly         InfantWorm     Mistralgec        Zol Slug      Tracer           Desrtleach       Spector        Lw-Addmer    Tech Master
Helex                  SnowWorm                                   Jr. Ooze                           Leviathan         Phantom      Cula-Bellr        Dark Witch

Tower                  Juza                Zombie        Meta Slug       Mushroom      D-Elm-Lars        Floatmine        Blauzen        Scorpirus
C-Ray Tube        Greneris         Ghoul           Snow Slug      Shrieker                                       Commndball    Silvalt            Rajago
                             Radhin                                  Fract Ooze                                                           VopalSphre      Goldine         Biter Fly

Rappy                Elmelew        WorkerPod        ChaosSorcr        ShadowSabr        Speard               
Blue Rappy       Hewgilla        Codine                 Illusionst           FrostSaber           Zios Guard
King Rappy                                                            Imagiomage     BloodSaber

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