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Welcome to the Bio Systems Lab, brother site of the Relic Games Database and Emu page there! (Be sure to check 'em out:
For more info on the opening where I can help you and you can help me, see below.

The Heart of the Biosystems Lab

Grand opening introduction - every paragraph is a different topic, so feel free to skip paras no interesting you. These will be moved soon enough.

Some of you may wonder why I have a site here and on geocities when I could just have one here. Well, it's best not to put all your eggs in one basket! : ) There are no illegal ROMs on the Geocities page, nor here. I may tell you a page where you can find the game, but that's your problem. I suggest you buy the cart for each game, cos' they're cheap. I do believe 'try-before-you-buy' is good, but it doesn't work. : (  

So what is here? Well...non-illegal roms like old 8-bit computer games are for sure. IPS patches too. Cracks. Pictures. WAV's. Links. Anything not on the other. No warez, no porn. (I have no intention of putting porn on or even linking it! I'm not offense) 

I'm sure you'd like to get to know me better, and if you do, then perhaps checking out the 'About me' part on the Geocities site. Alternatively, there's IRC (Undernet). You can find me on #emuroms most of the time, or #emulators.... I hear #emu and #emuroms EFnet ban people for very stupid reasons - #emu is normal on Undernet again. (#emulators is MY channel. I made it up when I realised how lame #emu was and at that time #emuroms had been taken over) - when takeovers happen when I'm on, I almost always have to run the backup channel. 

Help wanted and offered

On with the show! Keep in mind the first update may be slow. But one last thing: Help me! I would like a neat-o 3d logo for my page, but free. I'm on a tight budget (no job :P) and Nutscrape has no resume feature. 
Also, I'm going to help you guys too. If you want a particular C64, Speccy, CPC, etc. Game, ask me by mail and I'll tell you if it's around, if I have it, probably at this stage even send it. Also requests for hints and cheats, or 'do you know the name of this game?' will be replied to as well. Email me at this address now, the other one terminates today. 

Also...does anyone know a good web editor for frames? Does everyone like frames? I'd like to hear opinions on that. Its no bother to set up for me, saves me time linking and it doesn't disturb me when I'm on a page with them, so I'm all for them. What do you think? 

Email me or my associates: new email address! Take a note of it! 
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